Interactive crime game

Doll Murder at the Museum

Interactive crime game for museum visitors to solve a mysterious murder at the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel.

Visitors take on the role of the detective Agathe Heubach. She reluctantly accompanies her mother Klara on a visit to the Spielzeug Welten Museum. That morning, Klara has received a stirred letter from Justine, her old doll who now lives on the third floor of the Spielzeug Welten Museum. But when the two women arrive, Justine does not appear at the agreed meeting place. Neither her mother nor Agathe believe the mounting inconsistencies and begin to investigate.

We invite all amateur detectives to immerse themselves in an exciting case, to investigate what actually happened and to question informants and suspects in a catchy way.

Only the most attentive investigators will recognise the details and convict the person responsible for the murder of the doll Justine.

For the interactive museum experience, visitors will be given a tablet & headphones to solve the case in exchange for a deposit. The new offer at the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel is available in German, English & French and is included in the museum admission. Criminologists can take on the role of Agathe during regular opening hours from Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm. Recommended from 16 years, duration approx. 30-45 minutes. 

The project was realised together with Spielkultur GmbH, Zurich, for the first time in the Basel region.


Doll Murder
at the Museum