Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

The Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum Basel) houses the largest collection of historical teddy bears, grocery shops, dolls, and contemporary miniatures. Visitors of all ages are welcome to join in, marvel, and experience our changing special exhibitions first-hand.

Visitor info

Opening hours and prices

Museum, restaurant and shop:

Tue to Sun
from 10am to 6pm


in December daily from 10am to 6pm 


Standard entry

CHF 7.—

Discounted entry (Seniors, Persons with disabilities)

CHF 5.—

Children and youth (up to 16 years of age)


Children up to 12 years of age only when accompanied by an adult

Opening hours and prices


Guided tours, workshops and events

Plush, Play & Pioneers - 
Women in toy design, Exhibition opening

10 am – 4 pm

Exhibition opening

Soup by Tanja Grandits

Margarete Steiff

11 am – 12.30 pm

Margarete Steiff – cinema

Film: Margarete Steiff, 2005, FSK 0, german
Admission: cinema tickets are free if you can show a museum entrance ticket. Vice versa, admission to the museum is free on 17 March if you can show a cinema ticket.
Location: Stadtkino Basel

Plush, Play & Pioneers - 
Women in toy design, Wednesday matinée

10 am – 12 pm

Wednesday matinée

Guided tour of the exhibition followed by coffee and cake
Registration requested: info@swm-basel.notexisting@nodomain.notexisting@nodomain.comcomch

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