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Special exhibition workshop 'Denim – stylish, practical, timeless'

Motivating, imaginative, free

Due to hygiene and safety restrictions, the workshops will be held on the second and third floors.

Cool bags for dreamers
Denim is the stuff that baggy dreams are made of. They have three ingredients: creativity, imagination and enthusiasm. Our basic item is a cool drawstring backpack with denim flair. Turn it into the bag of your dreams with a whole cornucopia of fabric patches with fun print motifs in all shapes and sizes – stars, elephants, emojis, you name it – and countless other trendy embellishments.

Your baggy daydreams can come true! Every Saturday and Sunday, we organise workshops as part of our special exhibition “Denim – stylish, practical, timeless”. Children aged six and over may attend together with an adult guardian. Everyone else is free to join on their own, no matter their age. The neutral denim drawstring backpack and everything you need to make it uniquely yours will be provided for free from the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel. Of course, every artist gets to take their finished creation home. No registration required. Sweet dreams!

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