Globi is celebrating his 90th birthday this year – and we’re invited to the party!

Happy Birthday, Globi!

The exhibition is a collaboration with the Globi publishing house.

Globi is a real whizz-kid: daredevil, rascal and scallywag rolled into one. Children are welcome to join him on his forays into ever new worlds.

To celebrate Globi’s birthday, we show how he developed from a gimmick figure for the Globus department store into the present-day character.

Let’s join him on his journeys and explore how the history of Switzerland is reflected in his adventures. A glimpse behind the scenes reveals how the famous Globi books are created.

While our young visitors meet Globi’s friends and rack their brains about a birthday puzzle, older visitors still young at heart can wallow in their own childhood memories. 

Globi’s 90th birthday is topped off with a cracking party and lots of games from the blue bird’s childhood.

Foto dell’esposizione speciale