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Ночь музеев 2018

Следующая ночь музеев состоится в пятницу 19 января 2018.

The smells of the great wide world waft through our rooms on this Museums Night. Here, everything revolves around perfume. You can smell it, create it, see it, or watch as professionals make it. Fragrances have taken over the program. It’s definitely worth a whiff.

Living frames by HELMNOT THEATER. A fascinating live performance in our display windows on Steinenvorstadt. Unique physical theatre with a show put together in keeping with our Museums Night theme of Perfume flacons. Graceful movements and colorful light designs give rise to surreal, lifelike paintings within the confines of two oversized picture frames. Living frames is an enchanting homage to the wonder and poetry of the human body. Each show lasts about ten minutes and is repeated twelve times from 6.00 p.m. to 1.20 a.m.

Show times in the display window:

18.00 – 18.10

Show 1

18.40 – 18.50

Show 2

19.20 – 19.30

Show 3

20.00 – 20.10

Show 4

20.40 – 20.50

Show 5

21.20 – 21.30

Show 6

22.00 – 22.10

Show 7

22.40 – 22.50

Show 8

23.20 – 23.30

Show 9

00.00 – 00.10

Show 10

00.40 – 00.50

Show 11

01.20 – 01.30

Show 12

Drom’s perfumers. 
Take ten minutes of your time for a consultation with one of the perfumers from Drom Fragrances. Trained professionals will talk with you to determine which fragrance is the best fit for you and will then create it. You can of course take your personal fragrance with you afterward
Suitable for children.
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Glassblower. Many perfumes are stored in artistic bottles. Creating these bottles takes plenty of experience and a great deal of skill in working with your hands. A professional glassblower will show how an enchanting perfume flacon is created step by step from a glass bar.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Perfumer live. A perfumer is moving his lab into the museum for the night. Take a look over his shoulder to see the knowledge, talent, and flair necessary to create a fine perfume.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Nose portrait. Every nose is unique. It shapes the look of our face and gives our profile a very special outline. A photo booth will allow you to put your nose center stage and have a portrait created. You can take the photograph home with you as a souvenir.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

See smells. It may be hard to believe, but with the latest technology, it is actually possible to make smells visible using a light effect. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take part in this sensory experience and have a look at what usually only your nose gets to experience.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Guess the nose. Which nose belongs to which famous person? Have a guess and try to match the noses in the pictures with the correct people. Good noses that sniff out the right answer will receive a small prize.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Perfume memory. For this Museums Night, we have set up this classic memory game using world-famous perfume classics. Test your memory and play along. The winners with the best noses will receive a small prize.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Workshop to make your own perfume flacon. You can make your own perfume bottle in our workshop. You can also decide on your own fragrance type, fill your creation with it, and take both home with you. We will provide all of the supplies necessary.
Suitable for children
From 18 to 2, nonstop

Perfume hats to keep. The accessory of the night might very well be our hats shaped like perfume flacons. Don’t let yours get snatched from under your nose. Only while supplies last.
Suitable for children

Don't forget: You’ll also find some fine fragrances in our Ristorante La Sosta throughout the night. The kitchen staff will be cooking up Italian specialities and other delicious offerings for appetites both big and small. Take advantage of this tasteful alternative and show that you also have a good nose for fine dining.

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