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Special opening hours

Friday, 31 March
Closed from 5 pm.

Workshop for the special exhibition “Perfume flacons – vessels for seductive fragrances”

Design your own flacon and take home a personal fragrance

Create a flacon for your own fragrance

Pleasant fragrances have the power to delight us, make us happy, and give us wings. The Egyptians and Greeks of antiquity were well aware of this. Since a fragrance is only effective when you always have it at your disposal, suitable storage containers are a must. Flacons were created in countless shapes and colors and still are today, and they lend a unique tone to every perfume. They are little works of art.

During the course of our workshops held in conjunction with the special exhibition Perfume flacons – vessels for seductive fragrances, adults and children aged six years and older (only when accompanied by an adult) can create their own mini perfume bottles. You can also choose your own fragrance and take both home with you. We provide materials, paint, and flacons free of charge. Registration is not necessary. We are looking forward to your enticing creations.

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