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Special opening hours

Friday, 31 March
Closed from 5 pm.

Special exhibition workshop
“Bags – Icons & investments”

Unpack your creativity.

A bag like no other

Everyone has a bag. Women maybe a few more than men. Children maybe smaller ones than adults. But who owns a bag that nobody else has? Probably very few people. That could change very quickly now.

As part of the special exhibition Bags – Icons & investments, young and old can design their own individual bags. Everything necessary is provided by the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel for free. The workshop is open to children six years of age and older accompanied by an adult, as well as adolescents and adults themselves. Registration is not necessary. And of course, your own creations may be taken home at the end of the workshop. So let’s get started: unpack your ideas and participate.

Have fun!


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