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Doll world

Serial number 173,

about 1914, 35 cm

Hertel Schwab & Co., Germany

Serial number 241

ca. 1912, 26 cm

Armand Marseille, Germany

Serial number 8420

ca. 1912, 39 cm

Gebrüder Heubach, Lichte, Germany

"Max + Moritz"

Serial number 123+124

from 1909, 40 cm

Kämmer & Reinhardt, Germany

Serial number 221

ca. 1912, 38 cm

J.D. Kestner, Germany

Serial number 221, 1912 - 1914, 38 cm

rare in this size

J.D. Kestner, Germany

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Artistic creations

Our collection in the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel (Toy Worlds Museum Basle) features dolls from the heyday of doll manufacture between around 1870 and 1920. Artistic creations from almost every famous manufacturer, especially from the major strongholds in Germany and France, can be admired in the exhibition.

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The culinary world

Ristorante La Sosta

The culinary world

Ristorante La Sosta

For appetites both great and small. Open daily, with hot dishes available throughout opening hours.

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Including the current special exhibition

Public tours

Including the current special exhibition

Public tours

Tours are given on the 1st Saturday of each month at 2 p.m. Duration: About 1 hour.

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Opening hours


Opening hours

Opening hours, including holidays, for the museum, boutique, and Ristorante La Sosta.

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